Finally Published

One Finger on the World is finally published. It took two years of fairly steady writing plus about six months of editing and revision. Now, holding the book in my hand, I feel considerable relief and very gratified. Now comes the anxiety, waiting to see how it is received.

People who know me will recognize me as a fairly laid back person. This novel is dark, in stark contrast to my own personality. The characters are flawed, although I hope they are likable and have some nobility to them. My political beliefs unavoidably surface in my prose, covering such timely issues as: sexual identity, using violence to achieve a goal, rape and victimization, greed, addiction, the morality of hacking, honesty and betrayal, and reparations and redemption. Victimhood does not have to be a life sentence, as our protagonist discovers through the strength and maturity he acquires over the events in his life. Finding someone to love and being loved in return is one means of finding redemption, he finds. He also learns the importance of setting goals and exploring a world full of wonder; one he describes as both messy and glorious .

I hope this story causes you to re-evaluate some of your default attitudes and beliefs. As our protagonist is surprised to find, people are pretty much the same, regardless of their circumstances, lifestyle choices, political beliefs, or societal role, and it can be a cause for celebration and hope.