Oh, no. Colbert Got It Wrong

As much as I love Stephen Colbert, I think he is on the wrong side of the Amazon/Hachette debate. These two giants can fight it out over the price of books and the percentage that they take from each sale, it's not my major concern. What does concern me is Mr. Colbert's lack of understanding of the publishing dilemma facing most authors who don't view the world from the celebrity platform that he is perched upon. Most of us, particularly first time authors, can't even get a publishing house to talk to us, a literary agent to represent us, or a traditional bookstore to stock us. Sure, Colbert only has to put pen to paper and publishers are falling all over themselves to get a chance to make some money off of him. So he can use his clout to bump up the sales of fellow authors from the Hachette family. I don't have a problem with that. But he needs to realize that sites like Amazon and Kobobooks, and even iTunes are the only platforms available to most unknown authors. He should use his notoriety to convince publishers everywhere to take a chance on a few authors other than the likes of James Patterson, J.K Rowling, or Scott Turow, instant best sellers . . . and take a chance on me, for instance.