Come on, Self-published Authors

Oh, dear. I have just tried to read several novels from self-published authors and had to struggle to get through even the first thirty pages.  Okay. I understand that those of us who are writing for the simple joy of putting our words on paper probably write with abandon. That's great and I hope you all enjoy every minute of it. However, there are some self-published authors who are serious about our craft. Serious enough to hire a professional editor, serious enough to parse each word, each phrase, to craft a compelling story and an interesting plot, to construct likable characters with recognizable traits. We are serious about telling a story and strive to do it like a paleontologist unearthing a rare fossil. We treat it with respect and savor it, not rushing on to unearth the next one as quickly as we can.  I hate to say it, but there's a lot of self-published junk out there. We can do better. This reflects on all of us. So let's put a little more thought into it. Let's not rush from one novel to the next without trying our best to perfect each one. If this means getting our work reviewed by people other than family and friends and taking the comments to heart, then we should do it.