Stages of Grief

Like many people, I have gone through numerous emotional stages regarding the 2016 election. Although an unquestionable democrat, my reaction to the President-elect has been more intense than I thought it would be. After a few days of rage and disgust, fear and loathing, I have settled into a state of vague ennui and sadness. I am sad that the person that my fellow voters chose to be our president seems to have no sense of history, no respect for the institutions of our country, and no reverence for the the office he is about to occupy. I dread hearing his name for the next four years and wondering how he will embarrass us as a nation. I begrudge him and his greedy family moving into the White House, when they view it as "a step down." I disparage the unread and incurious playboy who will neither consider the nuances of diplomacy nor the protocols that dictate the sophisticated behavior required on the world stage. And I fear the long-term damage he will do to the Supreme Court and the civil rights of our citizens. Maybe he will surprise me and all of this distress will be for naught. But I doubt it.