Are We Victims of Gaslighting?

I want to write this blog, both for myself and for others, to serve as a point of reference as we venture ever deeper into the unreality and post-factual world of Donald Trump. Yes, the things he says are often outrageous and well beyond the bounds of normal adult declarations. I am afraid that his preposterous statements will become normalized over time and that we will grow to accept them without much shock or objection. This is the result of Trump gaslighting us. As the literature states, it is a common tactic of a self-centered, insecure narcissist. The more emphatically he says something, the more vehemently he denies something, the more he blames the target, and the more he repeats a lie, the more the target begins to doubt their own judgment. Without regret, shame, or any sense of accountability or responsibility, the perpetrator of the gaslight begins to take control of the target's thinking, weakening their resolve, confusing their thinking, and riddling them with self-doubt. If you argue with a gaslighter, they will turn the tables and blame the target, deny the lie, or simply restate and embellish the lie. It is a force of will.

How does a target fight against gaslighting? Well, one way is to write down the truth before the domination overtakes you, to provide a stable reality check. Hence, this blog. Another way is to avoid defending yourself and avoid arguing with the gaslighter, because he doesn't care about rational arguments or facts or the truth. He cares about dominating the target's thoughts and sense of what is acceptable, of maintaining control. Therefore, establish your own standards of acceptable behavior and stick to the facts, regardless of what the gaslighter is trying to make you believe. Maintain a sense of outrage, regardless of how often you must call it up. No, Trump is not normal and his behavior is not acceptable. Lying is unpardonable. It is not a quirk of personality, but a devious and insidious strategy. There are no "alternative facts."