Desperately Seeking Outrage

For the last ten months, no, for the last two years I have been combing newspapers, magazines, and the internet for the latest examples of idiocy from the Trump Administration. (It even pains me to type that phrase, to acknowledge in such a permanent way that I am living a nightmare.) I sought constant reinforcement of my position that Donald Trump did not deserve to be President, that he and all of his short-sighted cronies were bad for the country, and that his "policies" were nothing more than dangerous campaign fantasies to be outlasted. I am now convinced that DT opened up a festering wound in the body politic that will not be easily healed. His policy changes are like watching a car wreck in slow motion. His objective seems to be reversing the work of not only Obama, but of every sane president since the inception of the republic. And it continues to amaze me that about a third of the country is not only letting it happen, but support the fact that the government has been taken over by a disrespectful, childish, greedy, narcissistic billionaire. The United States now is a platform for his adulation. His little minions, such as Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, and Jeff Sessions, are busy imprinting their own personal ignorance or self-righteousness on our institutions. Then there are those who are simply ignorant doctrinaires, such as Rick Perry, who didn't even know he would be responsible for our nuclear arsenal when he took the job of Energy Secretary, or Betsy DeVoss, the Secretary of Education who doesn't believe in public education. 

Well, yesterday I became supersaturated with outrage. I folded my newspaper in disgust. My brain was no longer able to absorb another thing about DT. My stomach clenched at the thought of another three or seven years of this. Right now all I wish for is that the mid-terms throw out all of the people who are complicit in the destruction of our democracy. Please vote.