The Big Climate Hoax

Even before Trump got elected, I told myself that I would not comment on every little (and major) thing that his administration did, as I would take up my entire day with those complaints. However, I must make an exception for the new Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt. I was distraught at his appointment to head an agency that he has tried on numerous occasions to thwart and cripple with lawsuits. However, his recent (March 9, 2017) comments on climate change are beyond the pale. He is denying that the regulation of CO2 is the job of the EPA. I wonder who he thinks is the appropriate regulatory body, Kellyanne Conway? He has thrown doubt on the causes of climate change being linked to human activity. Not only is he denying scientific consensus, but he is rehashing settled science in a way that is both dangerous and idiotic. If we have to go for the next four (or eight) years with someone heading the EPA who sets us back decades in our ability to protect human health and the environment, I am not sure that we can recover as a nation or a world. Just a list of those things that this administration is doing to turn back the clock on environmental protection is appalling - allowing coal waste to be dumped in streams, reducing the emission standards on cars and trucks, slashing the environmental justice budget by 20 percent - these are just a few and only during the first month of the Trump presidency. I am not sure how we can survive this assault on the health of the planet and its inhabitants.