Hacking trumps a bullet to the head ...



 One Finger on the World

In this gripping technological thriller from first time author, K. Sena Makeig, a young programmer reaches across the digital divide to team with a professional hacker in a last ditch effort to prevent a deadly new drug from flooding the country.


        Mark Malone just wants to finish high school so he can get into a good college, win a few hockey games, and complete his internship at the University of Virginia’s computing center. But when he is coerced into helping a Russian crime syndicate foment their plan to flood the market with a lethal new drug, his prospects for an uncomplicated future quickly vanish.

     Meanwhile in California, MIT dropout and unrepentant hacker, Lin Pace, happens upon the intricate plot. His early optimism that the new medicine could help his ailing mother is soon dashed when, after stealing Mark’s identity to gain access to proprietary files, he discovers the drug’s hidden deadliness. Their virtual relationship becomes decidedly real when Lin races across the country to help a now-addicted Mark combat those who would profit from the drug’s exploitation. As their initial alliance deepens, they must put their faith in Lin’s hacking skills and Mark’s passion for the truth to combat the mob and build a future together.


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Katy would be happy to visit your Book Club for free to discuss any aspect of her writing process, the difficulty of getting published, the contents of the book, or some of the social issues touched on by the characters. For those in the Washington, D.C. area, she could join you in person. For those out of town, she could join you through iChat, Skype, Facebook, or a conference call.


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"I love this story. It’s a real page-turner. Not only have you assembled a solid plot and a memorable cast of characters, but you also tell the story with a spirited narrative voice. That’s what I first noticed about your writing. You have the knack for writing entertaining, engaging prose. That’s a real gift, and quite rare."

-William Greenleaf,

Greenleaf Literary Services

"When high school computer geek Mark Malone lucks into an internship at the state university computing center in Charlottesville, Virginia, the last thing he expects is to find himself a pawn in an international tug of war between Big Pharma and the Russian Mafia. In this heart-stopping cyber-thriller, author K. Sena Makeig expertly spins a tale of intrigue and sex, as Malone and California hacker Lin Pace try to prevent an addictive and mind-destroying narcotic from being marketed as an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. The world of hackers and techies has never seemed so dangerous or exciting as it does in this page-turner."

                                                                                       -Susan Tejada, author of "In Search of Sacco and Vanzetti"